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“You know how sometimes you just can't word something effectively and it's killing you? You just tell her your concept and she will dish out the perfect thing. Every single time. It's crazy! It makes you want to smack your forehead with your palm and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Because... you need Allissa! She knows how to ask the right questions to get it right for you.”
- Michelle Ferguson, Happy Business Owner


“I have had the privilege of working with Allissa Blondin on three projects and look forward to continuing our work together in future. Her attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to ensuring my words carried the meaning I intended was truly a gift. She brilliantly transformed my children’s books through her magical structural, content and proof editing, and encouraged me to utilize skills I didn’t know I had. Not only is she remarkable with words, but she is also a pro at building a meaningful relationship with her clients to better engage with their stories. I have grown as a writer thanks to Allissa’s insight and guidance that have allowed me to pursue further writing endeavours. I consider myself a stronger creator, editor, and author because of her knowledge and expertise.”
- Nicole Hoye, Author


“Allissa has been a gift to me and my business. She has readily met my proofreading and support needs. She demonstrates first rate communication skills, completion of tasks, plus excellent editing and formatting skills. I particularly appreciate Allissa's collaborative style of work. When in doubt, she asks!”
- Patricia Morgan MA CCC

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"I highly recommend Allissa. She has an incredible way of taking the flat words you put on paper, and bringing them to life - creating a crystal clear picture that envelops your reader."
- Vanessa McWilliams

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"I have worked with and lead small teams in vigorous emerging companies to national enterprises. I realized early that selecting team members or organizational partners was critical to accomplishing any ambitious goals and also knew the glue that made the effort possible was outstanding communication – with each other, the organization and to the customers and not just what was shared but how.

I brought those must-have standards into my first meeting with Allissa and knew within minutes she and her team were my best choice for anything I needed to wordcraft, manage or share with the world. Her knowledge and almost intuitive understanding of my messaging goals was uncanny and appreciated – that lead to my confidence building and the selection of her team to manage the next two books as well as the new website and social media projects. No question, Allissa has and does make the difference."
Dal Bryant– The Technology of Quiet

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"It took me some time to craft this testimonial for an incredibly talented writer and beautiful human being. To say perfection seems trite. Allissa’s talent is simply that she senses the words that we writers often struggle to find. I trust her knack is putting pen to paper exactly what I couldn’t quite get down and always BOOM, her intuition is superb."
Helen Rose, Author & Public Speaker

“Allissa and her team have changed the way I spend time on my business. Since Allissa took over the repurposing of livestreamed video and interviews into blog posts and social content, I have had more time to focus on what's next for the projects I am working on. Allissa does incredible work and offers feedback and encouragement. I'm so thankful a friend recommended her to me. Now it's my turn to pay it forward to other entrepreneurs!”
Kristy Wolfe

Photo courtesy of Alexis McKeown